Why Us

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Why Us?

We live in an age where writing has been devalued.  Profound ideas have been replaced with static images.  Instead of sitting by the fireplace, sipping hot chocolate and reading a good book, most people spend their time searching YouTube, tweeting on Twitter, “Liking” things on Facebook, commenting on Instagram and Googling everything under the sun.  We are one globalized network of friends intricately connected online but with hardly enough time to enjoy our achievements.

Renaissance writers of old dreamt of a day when they would have full access to speak their minds, write their innermost thoughts and express their very souls.  Not merely to a local forum of comrades, but to the world.  While we have achieved globalized communication, not everyone on the Internet has remembered to bring the writing.  The beauty of language.  The poetry.  The passion.  That bit of genuine communication from one person to another.

This Renaissance Writer is all about reviving the lost art of the written word!

I am not just a ghostwriting company, but also a writer that wants to bring back the spirit of the renaissance.  My goal is to elevate the writing, bestowing proper honor to the written word, as this is what truly sells your product, improves your search rankings and makes a connection with your audience. I actually limit the number of projects I take on so that I can ensure quality.  I also like to work with companies, artisans and dreamers whose values are close to mine.

I am an artist and novelist myself and want to change the world for the better.  I take a “polymath” approach to writing projects, bringing 15 years of experience in creative writing and professional sales copy and journalism.

For a list of writing samples see the portfolio and samples page.

13 Reasons to Hire RW Custom Writing

1.      We Stress Higher Quality Writing

Most SEO firms deliver rushed projects written by amateur writers who hardly have time to research the subject matter.  We limit our authors and our number of projects at a time in order to ensure the highest quality.

2.      We Write Anything and Everything

Most ghostwriting companies focus on writing the same types of projects year after year.  We pride ourselves in writing a variety of projects, online and off, mainstream and niche.  We never turn clients away and never run away from a legitimate project.  Take a look at our “Greatest Hits” page to see the level of complexity and sometimes obscurity that we take on.

3.      We Give You Full Credit

We do not require a byline.  As soon as payment is finalized, you own all rights to the material and can claim 100% copyright.  You can reuse the material, repost it and rewrite it to your heart’s content.  We humbly play the role of Cyrano de Bergerac as we feed you the lines while you woo your Roxanne.

4.      We Provide a Number of Writing Voices

We not only provide a selection of “stock characters” for writing voices, but also provide customized voices.  Some of our clients want a manly voice, while others want a distinctly female voice.  Some clients want quick wit and crisp sentences, while others want emotionally stirring and heartfelt prose.  We give you the words as well as the voice.

5.      We Provide Tiers of Writing for Every Budget

Our tiers approach to ghostwriting guarantees that anyone can afford our services.  We offer rewriting, general SEO writing, voice writing, copywriting, advanced blog writing as well as academic writing.  All of our tiers feature high quality writing, but we are budget-conscious and well aware of the recession’s effect on content development.  Contact us!  We can work out a deal.

6.      We Provide Web Marketing Packages

If you are unsure of where to begin in web marketing, then you will find our web packages enlightening.  Our package deals not only provide high quality writing, but also provide strategies, user guidance and various web submission services.  We bring the writing as well any other refreshments you need to the party!

7.      We Have No Minimum Orders

You can order 1,000 articles just as easily as you can order one custom-written love letter.  You can order writing “products” from our Quick Order page in quantities of one or more.  This could save you hundreds of dollars if you have no use for a full SEO package.  This is also an ideal arrangement for professional web magazines that need a last minute feature story.

8.      We Offer Easygoing Negotiations

We are not going to give you a hassle when it comes to negotiation.  You can call us for a free consultation about our services during normal business hours or email us at any time.  You can find us at auction sites like Elance, Guru and Freelancer.com.  You can find us through our social media sites.  You can order packages directly from our site using PayPal or Google Checkout.  We also offer bartering agreements and will consider some forms of offline payment with special terms.

9.      We Offer Numerous Discounts

What is the best reason to keep up with Renaissance-Writers’ social media pages?  Because there are always discounts and special offers going on!  We offer regular specials, new client deals and even some hidden coupon codes scattered around our various web pages.  We enjoy creating hidden discounts just as much as you enjoy saving money.

10.    We Are an Ethical Company

We do not use black hat SEO techniques in our writing, nor do we mindlessly write content for robots.  We write for human beings as well as search engines and treat our clients with respect.  We want to establish long-term working relationships and so do our utmost to ensure clients are happy with our work.

11.    We Think Outside the Box

Perhaps what brought you here is the fact that our website and our “theme” is unusual.  Yes, we pride ourselves on thinking “outside the box.”  The worst sin you can commit in terms of marketing is to bore your audience, and this is an approach we take to all of our writing projects.  Our articles and books captivate attention and stand out in a world of boring, recycled and soulless texts.  We encourage you to follow our company, as we will be creating a number of “sister sites” in the coming months demonstrating our commitment to creativity.

Renaissance Writers is your #1 choice, not because we are “number one” in the world, but because we make sure your satisfaction is our #1 priority! Learn more about our approach to writing on our Welcome page or read some samples on the Portfolio page.