How Soon Does it Take for Google to Find Your New Content?

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How Soon Does it Take for Google to Find Your New Content?

This is actually a big concern among many small businesses investing in SEO for the first time. There’s nothing more disheartening than spending a huge investment on content writing only to discover you can’t even find yourself in a search!

How long should it take for the search engines to find your new content? It really depends on a number of factors. First and foremost, you have to consider how well connected your site is in the first place. Every website should have a sitemap, and that sitemap should be submitted to all the major search engines. (This is not the same thing as “website submission”, a somewhat antiquated feature) Sitemap files can uploaded directly to a site, such as Google, Bing, or others, or you can automatically “ping” the search engines using a fancy WordPress plugin. (Or any CMS software for that matter) Then, you can change settings on how often you want web crawlers to come check for new content.

Understand that less popular websites, or websites that rarely update their content, may take longer to be indexed. The search engine company decides how often new and virtually unknown websites are crawled. On the other hand, popular websites, or websites that are connected with popular websites through internal and external linking, can be crawled and searched in as little as 30 seconds! Some of the most sophisticated blog sites have automatic “ping” features that alert search engines to crawl new content. Then again, if your site has been inactive for a while, then even Google’s own Blogger.com may take a long time to find your new content.

You will be downright amazed at how fast news sites and even your own blog goes “live” on the Internet if you have the right connections. This is not to say that Google (and other sites for this matter) are always so fast. For instance, sometimes search engines take their sweet time in counting new backlinks, and raising your PR ranking accordingly. Besides, who is to say that all backlinks really count nowadays, considering the many changes resulting from Google’s recent algorithm updates?

If you have a small business, focus on installing a sitemap plugin or using an automated submit a sitemap feature first. Then, focus on creating content on a regular basis so that the search engines don’t start ignoring you due to inactivity. Keep things consistent and you will eventually create a strong presence online.

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