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Prices and Packages

Have questions about a custom writing order or custom writing price?

Unlike SEO firms, Renaissance Writers has no minimum order requirements!  You can buy a quantity of articles at a discount or a single article for your blog for a flat rate.  Our prices are loosely based on standard market rate, though we do offer “tiers” of writing products to suit every budget.

We accept payments via PayPal, Google Check Out, through writing sites like Upwork, Guru, BitCoin and Skrill.

We would like your business on a regular basis so we make every effort to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our work.  If your finished project does not adhere to the guidelines you establish in the questionnaire form we will discuss a solution.  We want you on our side. Prices are sometimes negotiable and we do provide a variety of discounts to favored clients.  We also barter with selected companies so make us an offer!

Tiers of Custom Writing Prices

Email us for price quotes on custom writing products.  We also ask that you please fill out a copy of our questionnaire form so that we can exceed your expectations. Communication between clients and SEO firms reduces misunderstandings, rewrites and additional charges. Download the Renaissance Writers Questionnaire and send it to orders@RWCustomWriting.com.

Here are some of our custom writing products, followed by a market suggested price.  Please note that we always strive to beat the market price for our regular clients.  Our 10% Price Match guarantee says we will beat any American-based SEO firm’s prices. Show us our competitor’s ad and let us make a counteroffer!

Our tier of writing styles includes ALL products from eBooks, blogs, SEO articles, scriptwriting, speech writing or sales copy.  Our prices range from 2-5 cents per word, depending on the complexity of the topic, the schedule and the finesse required to make it outstanding quality.  Please inquire about price after describing the project.  Here are the three “tiers” of writing.

General Writing 

These articles are guaranteed to pass Copyscape.com. Professional, succinct, easy to understand. These articles are inspired by the latest industry news, as they are written for an intelligent audience.  These articles can establish you as an authority in your subject. This price also includes original fiction.

Viral Writing & Voice Articles 

These articles present a specific “voice”, which can help you reach a targeted audience.  See the writing Voices page for examples of character voices we have used in the past.  This writing is young, funny, entertaining and ideal for social media sharing. This price also includes original fiction with in-depth research.

News and Sales Writing 

Press releases, magazine articles adhere to the highest journalistic standards of print publications.  Strong statements always provide specific examples and references are always included in the article. This also applies for Sales Copy and Newsletters.  This writing can help sell products and services and involves company introductions, creative slogans, sales writing, biography writing, personal experiences and rousing calls to action.  It’s like having a salesperson and an expert in one. This price also includes original fiction written with MARKET-focused editing and sophistication.


You get a substantial discount when you…

  • Order through our website using PayPal/Google Checkout
  • Handle website editing or manual submissions yourself
  • Buy in quantity or buy discounted SEO packages, such as those featured below


Please inquire about any of these packages that appeal to you, or ask about customizing your own package

The Merchant Selection helps entrepreneurs and small business owners who are launching their company and their first web marketing campaign. We do not offer professional web design at this time but Search Engine Optimization and promotional writing. We do offer optional blogs and social media setups. There are three tiers of merchant packages, one streamlined, one executive, and the other something in between. Packages are ideal for small or mid-range businesses that want a strong promotional web presence and want to provide detailed information about their business and industry.

The Bard’s Package 

  • Blog and Social Media Setup
  • Short Home Page
  • About Us Page
  • Contact Us Page
  • 1 Industry Page
  • SEO Instruction Booklet

The Prince Merchant’s Package 

  • Blog and Social Media Setup
  • Short Home Page
  • About Us Page
  • Contact Us Page
  • 2 Industry Pages
  • 2 Product Pages
  • 2 Copy Pages
  • Buy Now/Sign Up Buttons
  • 5 Social Media Profiles
  • Directory Submission
  • Sitemap and Search Pings
  • Internal Linking & Anchor Text
  • Keywords Consultation and Site Evaluation
  • SEO Instruction Booklet

The Dynasty Package 

  • Blog and Social Media Setup
  • Extended Home Page
  • About Us Page
  • Contact Us Page
  • 5 Industry Pages
  • 5 Product Pages
  • 5 Copy Pages
  • Buy Now/Sign Up Buttons
  • Five  Social Media Profiles
  • Directory Submission
  • Sitemap and Search Pings
  • Internal Linking & Anchor Text
  • Keywords Consultation and Site Evaluation
  • SEO Instruction Booklet
  • One Picture for Every Page
  • Two Original Photos
  • QR Code

Domain Name and Web Hosting Available

The Royal Selection is intended for companies that already have established websites, blogs and web marketing plans. These companies are in need of excellent content to complement their already brilliant web marketing campaign. We arrange tier packages according to a wonderful renaissance pastime: the game of Chess. Rather than bore everyone with the same old gold, platinum and silver plans, we decided to challenge the Internet market to a fair game of chess, starting with the queen and king, the two most powerful pieces in the game.

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The Pawn’s Order 

  • 1 Company Blog
  • 1 Guest Blog
  • 1 SEO Article
  • 1 Local SEO Article
  • 1 Free Press Release (1 Submission)
  • 1 Web Copy Page
  • 5 Social Network Messages
  • 5 PPC Ads
  • SEO Site Consultation


The Knight’s Order 

  • 20 Blogs for a Month
  • Posting onsite
  • 1 External Link Per Post
  • 1 Internal Link Per Post
  • Tags
  • Your Choice of Keywords


The Bishop’s Order

  • 20 Articles for a Month
  • Article Directory Submit to 5 Top Directories
  • 2 Internal Links Per Post
  • 200 Links Total
  • Tags
  • Your Choice of Keywords


The Rook’s Order

  • 5 Local Directory Listings, Business Profiles
  • 1 Objective Customer Review
  • Customized Plan for Increasing Reviews
  • 5 Internal Reviews
  • 5 External Reviews
  • 5 Yahoo Answers Responses
  • 5 Mobile Text Messages Per Week
  • 5 Craigslist Ads
  • 5 Local Content Articles
  • 5 Geoblogs
  • 5 Geotagged Pictures
  • 5 Local Link Requests

The Queen’s Order 

  • 10 Unique Guest Blogs, 10 Unique Requests
  • 10 Network Guest Blogs, 10 Unique Requests
  • 10 Blog/Magazine Comments Per Week
  • 10 Forum Posts Per Week
  • 10 Viral/Resource Pages
  • Social Bookmarking Reddit, Diggit, Delicious, StumbleUpon
  • Tags
  • Your Choice of Keywords

The King’s Order

  • 2 Press Releases
  • 1 PRWeb Submission
  • 10 Free Press Release Submissions
  • 1 Company Interview
  • 2 News Article Links
  • Wikipedia Entry
  • Video Feature with Tags and YouTube Upload

The Miracle Selection offers special orders of interest to entrepreneurs, business owners and websites that want to pursue an alternative web marketing campaign. These packages involve research, social interaction and sales writing beyond the scope of article marketing and web copy. We call this package the “Miracle Selection” because sometimes it takes a small web miracle to get new content noticed with such intense competition and with finicky search engine algorithms.  Add one or more of these packages to your web copy and article marketing campaign to brand your company online.

 The Prophet’s Vision 

  • Broad Keyword Research
  • Longtail Keyword Research
  • Local Keyword Research
  • Competition Research
  • Damage Control Report
  • SEO Report and Site Evaluation
  • Google, Yahoo & Bing Readiness Report
  • 1 Additional Page of Customized Research

 Alternate Reality 

  • 20 New PPC Ads for 20 Days a Month
  • 20 Landing Pages
  • 4 Newsletters
  • 20 Testimonials
  • General Sales Letter
  • Niche Sales Letter
  • Brochure
  • Flier
  • Sales Script
  • Letter of Welcome for New Customers
  • Letter of Customer Retention
  • Letter of Collections
  • Letter for Guest Blogging Request
  • Letter of Resolution for Irate Client
  • Letter Requesting Web Page Removal
  • Letter of Copyright Infringement Notice

 Collective Effervescence

Sites Covered: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+

 Simple ($100)  For 1 social networking site.

  • 1 Friend Attempt/Conversations a Day
  • 1 Like/Follow a Day
  • 1 External Comments a Day
  • 1 Post Per Day for 20 Days a Month
  • 1 Response Post Per Thread for 20 Days a Month


For 2 social networking sites.

  • 5 Friend Attempts/Conversations a Day
  • 5 Likes/Follows a Day
  • 5 External Comments a Day
  • 5 Posts Per Day for 20 Days a Month
  • 5 Response Posts Per Thread for 20 Days


For all 5 social networking sites.

  • Create a Page/Event/Group
  • 10 Friend Attempts/Conversations a Day
  • 10 Likes Per Day
  • 10 External Comments Per Day
  • 10 Posts Per Day for Every Day
  • 10 Posts Per Day for Every Day

 An Author’s Destiny- NEW!

eBook and paperback conversion

  • Optional hardcover book
  • Amazon Kindle Upload
  • B&N Nook Upload
  • Android Conversion
  • iPad/iPhone Conversion
  • Five Self-Printed Copies
  • One HTML
  • One PDF File
  • Proofreading
  • Professional Editing

Prices are NOT set in stone!  Send us a message and we’ll build a custom package for you that matches your budget!