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Custom Writing Voices

One of the most exciting features about Renaissance Writers is our selection of “voices.” Voice articles refer to blogs, SEO articles or copy that feature a distinctive voice. While every writer has a “voice” or style he/she uses, our voice articles are written to be “in character.” Many clients find that adding a strong voice to an article helps sell products, keep viewers’ attention, and motivate people to take specific action.

Just think of how much more effective it would be if you were to:

• Write with a man’s voice in order to sell a dating book.
• Write with a woman’s voice as you give fashion advice.
• Write with a sensitive counselor’s voice for a clinic’s web copy.
• Write with a fun and edgy voice so you can market products to youth.

Though our character voices are completely customizable, we have decided to include ten stock characters as voice samples. These characters are a bit stereotypical, but sometimes the most obvious personality traits “sell” when it comes to marketing. It’s time to meet our stock characters!

Custom Voice: David

David is a hard-hitting “alpha male” and talks to guys like a guy. He’s someone you might meet at the local tavern, and is a know-it-all when it comes to guy stuff, dating, the high life, and all things manly. He is characterized by:

• Powerful sentences
• Quick wit and hard-hitting truths
• Straight and to the point
• Punch-in-the-face motivation

David is best for your project if you want your writing to resemble AskMen.com or Maxim Magazine.

Custom Voice: Mary

Mary writes emotionally and from the heart. She cannot help but feel everything she writes and uses an imploring and nurturing tone. She is someone with whom you could easily sit down and share your life story. She likes writing that helps people, helps the community, and inspires others to take action. She is characterized by:

• Heartfelt sentences
• Compassion
• Politeness
• Soul-soothing motivation

Mary is best for your project if you want your writing to resemble iVillage or The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Custom Voice: Timothy

Timothy is young but he’s smart enough to “get” Generation X and Generation Y culture. He is also a smarty-pants and can’t resist cracking jokes whenever it’s funny. He is quirky but he’s also great at making a connection with a young audience. Timothy would just as well be on Facebook cracking jokes and proclaiming things “awesome!”, though he doesn’t mind writing an essay on Nirvana or talking about his cool new iPhone. He is characterized by:

• Humor
• Pop culture references
• Strong opinions
• Hyping up the newest thing

Timothy is best for your project if you want your writing to resemble Cracked.com or SNOPES.com, which Timothy loves to read when he’s not goofing off with friends on Bebo.

Custom Voice: Hannah

Hannah is our fashion guru. Ironic, a bit jaded, and oh so beautiful. She is the girlfriend guys could never get, and the girl buddy women love to take to the mall. She has an edge to her, though she walks a fine line between smarts and  geekdom. She refuses to write anything for “Trekkie boys”, but still brings an energetic young female POV to every project just the same. She is characterized by:

• Enthusiasm and attitude
• Knowing what’s popular today
• Whimsical commentary
• A fun and cheeky sales touch

Hannah is best for your project if you want your writing to resemble E! Online or Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Custom Voice: Seth

Seth is retired and living comfortably in a house by the lake. However, he still enjoys writing and making conversation with anyone who passes by. He has a very dignified writer and speaks conversationally, but without intruding on personal space. He considers himself a tour guide to life. He is characterized by:

• Friendliness
• Sophisticated Humor
• Helpfulness
• Down to earth manner

Seth is best for your project if you want your writing to resemble travel logs and how to features.

Custom Voice: Dinah

Dinah is a schoolteacher and a working mom. She brings a strong voice to her writing, though she always remains chatty and polite.  She writes informally but no one can deny her intelligence and her succinct approach to problem solving. She is characterized by:

• Strong confidence and forceful recommendations
• Personal references
• Helpful and simple illustrations
• No sugar coating the facts

Dinah is best for your project if you want your writing to resemble educational guides, E-Books with personality and forum-type commentary with multiple references to family and friends.

Custom Voice: Deborah

Deborah strives for 100% professionalism in tone and approach. She doesn’t let humor or her own opinions get in the way of the main issues. He is always objective in presentation and eloquent when it comes to reporting facts. She is characterized by:

• Direct answers
• Objectivity
• Focus on key issues
• Covering the details

Deborah is best for your project if you want your writing to resemble Wikipedia or Time Magazine.

Custom Voice: Aaron

Aaron is our debate champion and is all about persuasion and playing “devil’s advocate.” He believes he can prosecute or defend anyone, and make his point crystal clear. He is downright aggressive when it comes to proving his side of the story and is actually studying to become an attorney. Beware! Aaron is characterized by:

• Logic
• Persuasion
• Distorting facts and reason to prove his point
• Manipulative writing

Aaron is best for your project if you have unpopular subject matter, want controversial viewpoints or polarizing rebuttals, hard-to-sell items, or are trying to repair your reputation.

Custom Voice: John

John is a man of action and uses his excellent communication skills to reach the hearts of his readers. He paints a picture of a better world and a better lifestyle, being forever optimistic. He does become rather enthusiastic on occasion and is a man of great faith. He is characterized by:

• Idealism
• Warmth
• Faith
• Personal connection

John is best for your project if you want your writing to resemble Christian writing or inspirational life lessons.

Custom Voice: Elizabeth

Elizabeth is our resident poet and lives off vegetables, water and great literature. She passes her time reading renaissance classics and studying the fluidity of the English language. The only criticism we can give her is that she writes very dramatically! She is characterized by:

• Vivid imagery
• A poetic spirit
• Deep prose
• Very creative approaches

Elizabeth is best for your project if you want to infuse your writing with literary drama, elegance and a bit of theater.


Sounds like a full cast of characters, doesn’t it? Two more and we could have a Shakespeare play going!  These are the most popular stock voices, though we have actually customized many other voices for our clients. Don’t be afraid to ask about writing voice customization!

If this seems intriguing why not head over to the Prices page to review our prices?