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Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Writing

(and some tough questions at that!)

Q: What exactly does Renaissance Writers offer?

A: We are a turnkey and custom writing company, meaning we create projects according to your needs.  If you don’t have specific requests, we can fill in the blanks for you, offering a line of standard SEO packages, new website copy and marketing packages for all aspects of marketing.  However, our theme is “Renaissance Writers—Reviving the Lost Art of the Written Word.”  We elevate the writing, which is truly the most important part of your sales presentation. For more about our unique approach to SEO and writing, please read the Why Us page.

Q: What’s up with the whole “Renaissance” thing?

A: We love the Renaissance, as it was a time of enlightenment, of literature, of deep thinking and of prime creativity.  Our aim is bring back high-caliber writing to the Internet and start a new “renaissance age” in modern reading.  Besides, we decided Renaissance was much more interesting than our original theme, “Generic SEO Company.” For more information on our theme, please read the Welcome page.

Q: Are all of your articles unique?

A: Yes, all of our package tiers offer unique writing, compiled from multiple sources of research.  If you specifically request a “rewriting” option, the text will be based on previously existing material but will still pass Copyscape.com and ArticleChecker.com’s plagiarism tests.  However, we stress original writing over rewriting, as popular search engines reward quality unique articles.

Q: What is the difference between rewriting, SEO writing, voice writing, blog writing and journalist writing?

A: Our tiers provide solutions to all clients, regardless of their budget.  Rewriting is the cheapest option, and involves rewording an existing text.  SEO writing is standard, quality writing and researched through multiple sources of information.  Voice writing is written in a distinct “voice” that will appeal to a specific demographic.  Blog writing involves writing content for educated “niche” audiences, and usually involves trend reporting, the latest news, or some other aspect of the industry that is not commonly known.  The journalist writing and academic writing tier, adhere to APA style and offer feature-quality stories appropriate for magazines, press releases and other complex projects.  (Technical writing requests are priced as academic writing)  Each of these tiers have different prices, which you can review)

Q: What information must I provide? 

A: We offer a “turn-key” style solution and strategy-rich packages, meaning you don’t have to provide anything, if you’re willing to let us work our magic.  However, we want your input every step of the way.  This is why we ask our clients to fill out a Renaissance Writers questionnaire form on the Order page.  This detailed request form asks specific questions regarding your wishes, expectations and other helpful information.

Q: Is satisfaction guaranteed?

A: We want to establish long-term working relationships with our clients and will make every effort to ensure satisfaction.  This is why we provide a detailed questionnaire form in advance to avoid revisions, which cost both the client and ghostwriter time and money.  We send the finished articles to our clients (through email or through auction site) for final approval before publishing any work.  We offer free revisions if the presented material has factual errors, or if an author neglects to follow the questionnaire form request.  If you change your mind regarding content after the initial agreement, we will negotiate a discounted rewrite price.  We will never send you an article that is of low quality because we review and edit all of our outgoing work!

Q: Do you offer guarantees on results?

A: No, we do not currently conduct SEO, PPC, SEM or social media campaigns.  We do not track conversion or ROI and thus do not guarantee results.  However, we do guarantee that we will write content appropriate for press releases, article directories, and search engines.  A directory can reject an article if it is deemed too promotional or keyword-heavy, and we will give our clients an appropriate warning if their questionnaire makes a risky request.  Short of this situation, we can guarantee publishing and submission.  However, we do not guarantee search results, as results vary by site and by industry.

Q. What article directories do you use?

A: Check out our free SEO E-book for more information on article directories we use and the options you have.  You can have your choice of 5 or 10 directories.

Q: What byline will I see?

A: You get full credit for all writing, as this is a ghostwriting company.  When we submit your articles to directories, you can expect to read your byline as provided.  (The questionnaire will specifically ask for a pen name, as separate from a client name)  Or, we can email you the article and you can post it yourself using a byline of your choice, even if it’s “Christian de Neuvillette.”  You call the shots when you work with Renaissance Writers.

Q: Where can I find discounts?

A: We have four levels of discounts.  If you submit the articles yourself, you get a substantial discount.  You can visit the Order page for discounted writing.  We also offer discounts to clients who work directly with us rather than through auction sites.  We offer discounts for upfront payment.  Finally, we offer a number of specials and secret discounts that can be found on our various social media pages.

Q: Can a package deal be split between more than one website?

A: Yes.

Q: Does submitting the same article to various directories count against you as “duplicate content?”

A: Absolutely not.  Search engines like Yahoo, Bebo or Google are smart enough to know when an article is the work of one author, and when it is the work of a plagiarist.  Search engines disqualify plagiarists, not authors who love promoting their name,

Q: How does payment work?

A: We require at least a 50% deposit through PayPal, Google Checkout or auction site before work begins.  Clients who pay the total upfront will receive a substantial discount.  We do work with clients regarding barter arrangements, and may accept full offline payment in some circumstances, though this option comes with individual stipulations and contracts.

Q. What keyword density do you use or recommend?

We may provide keyword advice to you, particularly if you order a research package.  However, we tend to avoid heavy keyword usage, and aim for a 1-2% keyword density, unless asked otherwise.

Q. How long will my articles be visible?

For article marketing, your articles will be visible until the website literally shuts down or completely changes its theme.  For press releases and PRWeb submission, the standard is usually 30 days.  For blogging, social media and web copy, the content stays online as long as your site continues.

Q: What’s the best day to post a press release?

A. Tuesday through Thursday.  Everyone hates Monday and everyone’s dying to get home on Friday!

Q: How often should you submit articles to directories—all at once or over a period of time? 

A: You have one or two options: you can submit them slowly, over a period of time (a drip feed, so to speak) or you can submit them all at once.  We in the SEO industry believe that the best way to submit is over a period of time, as this makes your Internet voice seem “natural” rather than overloading users with 50 published articles per day.  Try to think of posting a new article as posting a new thread at a forum.  You probably wouldn’t feel comfortable posting dozens of new conversation topics in one room.  So it’s best to find a balance between regular and consistent and over-the-top cut and paste madness!  On the other hand, popular article directories publish new articles daily and by the hundreds, so ideally you want to stay a competitive force.  What should the daily effort be?  A common standard is posting 3-5 related (but different) articles a day, submitted at the same time.  However, some SEO experts believe even that figure to be excessive.  You don’t want to over-publish and inadvertently start competing with “yourself” for initial traffic.  (Or with a client’s work, more specifically)  Quality work counts, and for that reason there is no hard rule as to timeline.  See our SEO packags for our timeline specifics.

Q: When was Renaissance Writers founded?

A: Renaissance Writers was founded in 2011, though its management has been active in SEO and professional writing for the past seven years.

Q: Why should I go with Renaissance Writers instead of another SEO firm?

A: Let’s get down to business…Price!  Thanks to our tiers, packages and discounts we offer some of the lowest prices in the industry.  We also focus on quality writing, customer satisfaction, American English and custom/unique writing services that most SEO firms will not consider.

Q: Do you answer questions about SEO in your free consultation?

A: Within reason, we will answer some of your SEO-related questions.  We offer free consultations as a courtesy, but cannot afford to provide customized research over the phone or email.  If you need a detailed overview of how SEO works and how we approach SEO, read our free online book.

Q: Do you offer web design services?

A: At Renaissance Writers, we elevate writing and thus are more concerned about ghostwriting than web design.  We do offer blog setup (using WordPress), and a blog site can be used as a promotional website.  However, if you plan on adding advanced features to your site, we recommend using a professional web design company.

Q: So…do you really write ANYTHING?

A: Well…your tone is making us nervous!  As you can see from our Greatest Hits page, our writers have written anything and everything throughout their careers.  We do not turn clients away, but we may occasionally have to pass on projects for legal reasons.  We will not write college essays for students because this is unethical.  We may pass on projects involving controversial subject matter (i.e. the corruption of minors or promoting illegal activity).  That said, as long as our company and our clients are safe, we really do write anything and everything!

Q: Why should I trust Renaissance Writers?

A: We have an open forum for complaints.  If we were really going to scam our clients, we wouldn’t be so accessible.  You can reach us through auction sites, through email, through phone or even through our social media page in front of all of our friends.  (Nobody wants to be embarrassed in front of their friends!)  We make every effort to ensure that our client is happy.

Q: Why are some of your testimonials nameless?

A: Throughout our years of ghostwriting, we have discovered that many clients aren’t too fond of releasing their names publicly, since they pay good money for ghostwritten material that they can buy as their own.  Some clients are comfortable with releasing their names and others are not.  However, we do not publish any fake testimonials…if we did then we would post something like “Renaissance Writers is great!  Sincerely, Angelina Jolie.”  And you probably wouldn’t buy that, would you?

Q: How soon will my project be completed?

A: Each project is scheduled according to our workload as well as your requested timeline.  If you have a specific timeline then let us know and we will finish your project early.  If you have a full package deal with no specific time frame, then we may complete a full campaign within 1-3 months.  For one small project, a week might suffice.  We have completed “rush” projects within a day in some cases.  Communication is essential here so let us know how we can help you.

Q: What are the risks involved with investment?

A: While there is always the risk of falling short of a #1 ranking (since the major search engines tend to be unpredictable with their returned results) your financial investment has few associated risks.  Web copy and web writing will last indefinitely as long as your webhosting contract continues.  Your eBooks and all other forms of custom writing will last forever and will continue making you profit.  Every page you create will help in converting traffic to customers and establishing a strong web presence.  You never lose money when investing in an SEO campaign…you simply buy the writing.

Q: What if I want to discontinue our working relationships?

A: We regret to your lose business but will always welcome you back should you have further inquiries.  Remember, we have no minimum orders or contracts.

Q: Can you provide me examples of past work?

A: Yes.  You can either check out our portfolio page or email us for further published samples.

Q: What can you promise in terms of traffic increase or sales conversions?

A: With targeted keywords and excellent content, it is very likely that your website will increase in traffic and conversion.  However, we cannot put a guarantee on any numbers.  We are not an SEO firm offering guarantees on hits or #1 searches.  When you work with Renaissance Writers Custom Writing, you only pay for the writing, while you run your own web campaign, tracking analytics on your own and making subsequent marketing decisions.  We cannot presume to run your company and advise you on what to do with limited knowledge of your company structure.  While we are looking into the possibility of expanding into full SEO marketing in the future, at present time, we choose to remain a custom writing company and charge thousands of dollars less than our competitors.

Q: Can you explain Return On Investment (ROI) and SEO?

A: Return On Investment in SEO and web marketing may be different from other forms of advertising and marketing that you have tried in the past.  When you invest in web marketing, it’s not always about direct sales conversions.  Much of the work you will be doing will be going towards establishing web presence, establishing brand awareness, improving brand trust, setting yourself up as an authority in your field, and interacting with your public.  That said, there are certainly ways to track whether or not a web marketing campaign is profitable.  You can use analytics software to measure traffic, as well as online sales conversions.  However, it’s difficult to track whether your strong web presence is helping people to go into your store or call you on the phone…or even remember your name several months after visiting your site.

We do not track analytics at this time, but we do have some ideas for you on how to track your ROI.

  • Use software to track total traffic, total page views, click-throughs, total unique users and total hits
  • Pay close attention to how long visitors stay at your site, where they come from and what pages they are reading
  • Use PageRank or Alexa to determine your traffic increases
  • Use special software to track your online sales, or leads conversions
  • Create a newsletter with autoresponder software and track your total members (plus click-through rates) or “leads”
  • Check your PPC ad stats to determine click-through rates
  • Ask your customers to fill out a survey online or in person, detailing how they found you.
  • Giving your customers a secret code discount that traces back to a specific online marketing campaign
  • Tracking your total sales over a six month period without online web presence, and then with online web presence.  Notice the differences and determine if online marketing is improving your overall sales
  • Determine your SEO per hour expense, by totaling your net profit and then dividing this amount by your time spent on web marketing; your total hours (or days) in a specific period of time
  • Track conversion rate per keyword
  • Use a rank checker to confirm the search engine rankings for primary keywords
  • Check conversion sources, including what sites are sending you traffic
  • Check for pages indexes and new pages through the major search engines


Lastly, you may have to alter your campaign in web marketing approaches.   Calls to action, layout, web design, incentives, headlines and subject matter are important and may significantly affect your SEO campaign.  Doing without a strong web presence entirely is not a good idea, since the majority of your customers will look up your website online.  Internet World Stats suggests that up to 78% of North America uses the Internet for shopping, playing and surfing.  Where is your company in the midst of this phenomenon?

Q: Can you offer me guaranteed traffic?

A: Yes, through online magazine publication.  Email us for details.

Q: Are you done answering questions?

A: Of course not!  But we’re hogging the conversation and want to give you a chance to relax, get a drink and take a load off your feet.  Visit our daily blog for new content, including new FAQs.