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Introduction to Custom Writing

Renaissance Writers is a ghostwriting company and the creation of Michael Arangua,  a freelance writer and editor. He specializes in extended research, creative voice, humor and emotion, unique content and in-depth writing beyond ordinary web publishing.

Renaissance Writers stands by four directives:





A Custom Writing Company That is All Things to All People!

Custom Writing Then and Now

In the year 1897, author Edmond Rostand wrote Cyrano de Bergerac and introduced us to the eponymous character—the long-nosed poet-warrior who stood in for Christian de Neuvillette and fed him the right words that would impress the lovely Roxanne.  If you’re having a hard time visualizing Parisian life in the late 19th century then pick up a copy of Roxanne (1987), featuring Steve Martin with a prosthetic nose.  Now that’s some Hollywood “panache” you won’t soon forget!

How much has changed 114 years later?  We do have the Internet and cheap print-on-demand services at our disposal.  We now have the technical resources to communicate with the rest of the world without any major investment.  How reassuring to know that you don’t have to conquer a nation, start a newspaper or run for office just to get your message out there.

Aside from a boost in technology, not much has changed.  People still have messages they want to share with the world.  People are still selling their products and services to the market.  People still fall in love.  People are still trying to persuade others to join their cause.  People still speak of their accomplishments while others take dictation.  The world goes round and round, doesn’t it?

Customize the Communication

One thing remains constant however—the need for effective communication.  This is what Renaissance Writers brings to you: fast and effective communication through ghostwriting, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and custom writing.  Companies that want to spread a message to the world can work with talented writers in order to create a successful campaign.

Successful communication today requires four different parts: the message (the project you preach), your medium (web hosting or print publications), the creative process (the right words at the right time) and your audience (a clearly identified market).  We are here to help you with the creative process.  We feed you the right words at the right time so that you can win your proverbial “Roxanne.”

We are a custom writing service that writes anything and everything for your benefit.  There is no strict definition as to what we write.  We handle Search Engine Optimization and article marketing.  We do linkbuilding and social media management.  We write full length eBooks, SEO news articles, SEO blogs and academic materials.  On the other hand, we also write what we call “everyday communication”, from greeting card text, to dating profiles to biographies.  We’ve also been known to write custom letters for every occasion.

Renaissance Writers Makes It Easy

And of course, just as Cyrano de Bergeracnever broke character, so we would never take credit for the ghostwriting we sell you.  We do the work.  You keep all copyrights.  Everyone benefits and the economy turns.  Relying on us as your creative process will help you to promote your brand, establish your authority, drive more traffic to your website, increase your search engine ranking and most of all, win over your audience.

Renaissance Writers takes pride in developing quality writing content for all of its clients, regardless of how big or small the case.  Our writers are dedicated to their craft and very professional.  Our writers are either college-educated or are full-time freelancers with years of experience behind them.  We never miss a deadline.  We never write anything without “heart.”   Renaissance Writers is an American-based writing company that does not ship work overseas.  If you have ever had negative experiences with other “so-called” writing or SEO companies tell us about it!  We will make sure that you always get your money’s worth.

Join the Quality Writing Revolution!

We are doing our part to usher in the “New Renaissance”, that is, a future in which higher quality writing permeates the Internet.

Our writing is completely customizable and available in a variety of voices.  To meet market demands, we have created four different ”tiers” of writing products detailed on our Prices page.  Find out more by browsing our site and seeing what makes Renaissance Writers unique.

We specialize in detailed, literate writing the likes of which will appeal to consumers as well as academics and individuals well-read on the subject.  You can’t “bluff” your way through when speaking to an educated audience.  This is why it’s smart to hire quality custom writing companies.

For a complete list of all the projects we have undertaken, take a look at our “Greatest Hits” portfolio page.  For the best results, and for the biggest discounts, we highly recommend SEO packages.

You can also check out our page Why Us? or get right to the point and see our list of prices.  If you have questions, contact us, look at the FAQ, or visit our blog.

When you work with Renaissance Writers (RWCustomWriting.com) you can expect:

  • Quality and Unique Writing
  • Fast Response Time
  • Fast Scheduling of Your Project
  • Low Prices with Multiple Discounts
  • Friendly Customer Service


Some SEO companies will charge you up to $100 for a phone call.  No appointment is required when you work with us.  Shoot us an email and tell us about yourself and your project.  From there, we can speak via phone, instant messaging or email!

Come back and see us at RWCustomWriting.com!